Yelapas Casa Viaje

Make your next vacation a Journey to Yelapa!


 Just a 45 minute water taxi ride from Puerto Vallarta to the southern rim of the beautiful Bay of Banderas you will find the quaint little fishing village of Yelapa.

Because this small town is woven in between jungle and ocean, Yelapa has no roads or cars. There are also no street names, but there's also no need to worry. It's the kind of place where someone will point you in the right direction. There are no concierge services, four-star restaurants, or fancy accomodations, just the sound of peace and tranquility that exists only in a place like Yelapa. There is the sense that although not a thing in this little village has been perfectly planned, there is something haphazardly perfect about it.

Lush jungle abound with hibiscus flowers, huge ferns, and giant palm trees swaying in the warm, tropical breeze. Breathtaking views, pristine beaches, and brilliant blue/green waters...truly heaven on Earth! Come to Casa Viaje and in Yelapa, Mexico for the journey of a lifetime! 

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